RussiaGate The Steeler Dosier

Posted by The Conservative Edge Talk Show on 23rd Feb 2022

Steele Dossier, the one we've all been laughing at, is finally exposed. I understand that many Americans have never believed any of that far left-wing garbage about former president Donald Trump, but it's still such a pleasure to see Hilary Clinton facing some serious legal trouble for her lies.

Here is a short recap for those who've already forgotten the Steele Dossier.

The Steele dossier, or Trump–Russia dossier, is a controversial political opposition research report written from June to December 2016. It contains allegations of misconduct, conspiracy, and cooperation between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the government of Russia before and during the 2016 election campaign.

NPR has described the research as an "explosive dossier of unsubstantiated and salacious material about President Trump's alleged ties with Russia."

Who stands behind the dossier? Christopher David Steele - a British former intelligence officer with the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 1987 until his retirement in 2009. He ran the Russia desk at MI6 headquarters in London between 2006 and 2009.

After he authored a dossier for multiple clients, Steele became the center of controversy, including an attorney associated with the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. Based on anonymous sources, the dossier claims that Russia collected a file of compromising information on Donald Trump.

It's purely a miracle how Chris Steele and his dossier received any attention because it stands on two central and disproven claims.

(1) the Russian have filmed Trump having Russian hookers peeing on him in a Moscow hotel; and

(2) Michael Cohen traveled to Prague to facilitate the Trump-Russia collusion.

These claims are ridiculous as well as exposed by Robert Mueller and FBI investigations, yet Chris Steele stands by them. There is an apparent reason why Steele must stick to those claims. Chris Steele is not defending his lies; he is defending the mistaken research of the Democratic communist party.

Chris Steele cannot reveal where the real source of this ridiculous information came from without exposing himself to the legal ramifications. However, one can only assume the real source is none other than the Hillary Clinton Foundation. It’s terrible to think this is not a conspiracy theory - this is a real conspiracy.

Igor Danchenko - another screw in this story, the guy who all the bogus "dirt" in the fake Steele dossier, was accused of lying to investigators at least five times! Those lies were to cover up that there were no bases for his claims. The sources were Clinton associates.

It's a shocking fact - the FBI never found the slightest confirmation of any of it! The bureau interviewed Danchenko the a few days after Trump's inauguration and learned how utterly baseless the gossip indeed was. And still, it was years of dirt and lies before the dossier was finally exposed.

It's a shameless hysteria-mongering by the nation's most prestigious media outlets.

Taking about media, after years and years of lying to the American people, the New York Times has finally admitted that the Steele dossier against former President Donald Trump was nothing but a lie.

Now the glow has faded — from both the dossier and its promoters. Russia, as Mr. Steele asserted, did try to influence the 2016 election. But many of the dossier's most explosive claims — like a salacious "pee" tape featuring Mr. Trump or a supposed meeting in Prague between Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump's former attorney, and Russian operatives — have never materialized or have been proved false.

I don't know about you, but the New York Times needs to be held accountable for their disgusting lies about former President Donald Trump. Their false and misleading reporting put a stain on his presidency and deceived the American people.

What's more, as the president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said, there were many copies of the infamous dossier. Why did they need several versions? One reason is John McCain, while the FBI certainly knew all about it.

"New documents received by Judicial Watch reveal that the late Arizona senator, John McCain, was "implicated" in the leaking of the "fraudulent" Steele dossier. As discovered in recent Judicial Watch findings, his office's "edited" version of the dossier is but one of several, likely "four to five different versions" of the dossier which was sent to Comey's FBI in late 2016."

So, "McCain was a leaker trying to spread anti-Trump rhetoric with that smear," Fitton states. What is more, the documents show that "the FBI knew that McCain was leaking this all over the place, but they didn't tell the court the extent of that." Contradicting court filings published last year "show the Arizona Republican senator had shared the dossier with several media outlets," the FBI, in Fitton's words, "was vague as to whether he was even responsible."

In other words, they made it all up.

What do we have - McCain and Hillary Clinton's campaign hired a bunch of shady operatives to put together a bulk of lies and innuendos about Donald Trump and shop it to the FBI. It was all a political dirty trick, one that was fueled by the media long after Trump took office.

This was also actively fueled by Obama intelligence officials such as James Clapper and John Brennan - they definitely knew the dossier was utter bull but publicly treated it as credible to fuel the flames. Also, a host of "current and former" intel officials were anonymous sources for The New York Times, Washington Post, and other brainwashing machines.

The left is still treating Russia Gate as the real thing and claims, "This doesn't really matter." However, things are getting serious for them.

The controversial congressional memo has been released to the public. It is a four-page document that reveals potentially damning evidence that the FBI and Department of Justice used an anti-Trump dossier sponsored by the Hillary Clinton campaign as the grounds for spying on the Trump campaign.

How do you like the circle? Clinton officials spread their Russian stooge disinformation, it gets passed through British spy Christopher Steele, and the FBI uses it as the fundamental for wiretapping the future president's team.

President Trump immediately answered to the news on Twitter: "The top Leadership and Investigators of the FBI and the Justice Department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of Democrats and against Republicans — something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. Rank & File are great people!"

The memo's findings are disturbing and - it literally suggests that the law was broken. The memo paints an unflattering picture of the Obama-era FBI and Justice Department and their investigation of the Trump campaign.

The memo reveals that Steele was paid $160,000 to create the Trump dossier for Fusion GPS. It's now a proven fact that the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and Democratic National Committee sponsored the work. So the FBI and Justice Department used controversial opposition research from a presidential campaign to launch an investigation into that campaign's political opponent — possible illegal use of federal government surveillance for political purposes.

Hillary Clinton defended herself from paying for the Steele dossier into Trump, saying, "it's not the same as working with Russians to influence the election." Yeah, right.

Hillary Clinton paid for the Steele's junk and then "filled it with rubbish contents," according to Northeastern University Associate Professor Max Abrahms.

"We knew previously that it was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign; what we didn't fully realize is that the contents of that dossier was based on just completely made up statements by Hillary Clinton's own associates."

Get ready, Hillary; your time has come.

Special Counsel John Durham launched an investigation into Hillary Clinton's email correspondence for possible interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.

On December 20, Special Counsel John Durham questioned if it was not a conflict of interest for Hillary Clinton to use the same attorneys who represented Russian national and analyst Igor Danchenko. He notes that the upcoming trial of Hillary Clinton may include inquiries into if Danchenko's actions were indeed directed by Clinton.

On November 3, 2021, the indictment of Danchenko was filed in the U.S. District Court. According to the indictment, Danchenko collected information and lied in court about a non-existent phone call between him and Donald J. Trump. On November 4, he was arrested for lying to the FBI.

This indicates that Special counsel John Durham is now targeting Hillary Clinton operatives connected to the origins of the Trump-Russia probe over the now-debunked Steele dossier.

Durham also indicted former Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann, alleging he lied to former FBI General Counsel James Baker saying he was not representing a client when making claims the Trump Organization was communicating with a Russian bank.

In September, former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris said the arrest would eventually lead to Hillary Clinton.

"It might be that we've finally caught up with Hillary," Morris proclaimed.

"We don't know yet, but I'm going to probe it, and I think that there's some chance now."

"The real point here is that this is the trail that leads to Hillary," he said.

"The point is that led to two years of investigating and almost impeaching Trump, and it was totally phony," Morris added.

It couldn’t be said any better. Let's just hope that justice prevails, and everyone involved in Steele Dossier gets thrown in jail.