Posted by The Conservative Edge Talk Show on 24th Feb 2022

The entire Russia-Trump investigation was an unprecedented abuse of power. It was an organized effort by the Obama administration to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election. It was, in effect, an attempted coup.

False accusations are only the peak of the iceberg. Today, we're concentrating on WHAT Obama officials were doing to undermine the incoming Trump administration during the transition of power.

The mainstream media fixates on Trump's term "Obamagate," dismissing it as a conspiracy theory.

However, Obamagate isn't a conspiracy theory. It's the wildest political scandal of our time.

What is Obamagate?

For years now, the media have done everything they can to push the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, using the scheme's complexity to hide the greatest political scandal of our time in plain sight.

Obama directed the Flynn investigation, even though the FBI had no legitimate reason to probe the retired three-star general. Flynn, a one-time Democrat, served as the Obama administration's top military intelligence officer before being forced out of a job and later aligning with Trump.

Flynn was investigated twice in 2016 and 2017, first as part of the FBI's probe into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, and later over a series of conversations he had with Russia's then-ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak.

What did Obama know? That's the critical question that must be answered concerning Obamagate. So far, there is much evidence suggesting that Obama was totally aware of the FBI's efforts to spy on the Trump campaign.

In March 2017, Trump revealed that Obama had illegally wiretapped the billionaire businessman at Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election campaign. He compared the alleged surveillance to the Nixon-era Watergate scandal. The following year, Trump declared that the FBI had planted an informant inside his campaign.

The spying began in early 2016 as a powerful opposition research tactic of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Later, it transformed into an "insurance policy" to handicap the Trump Administration after his unpredictable victory.

Could Barack Obama's resentment towards Flynn have been why the investigation was not shut down? Obama was aware of the investigation and knew that the evidence against Flynn was nonexistent. How else does such a thing move forward unless the president of the United States insists it continues?

Obamagate is a proven fact.

In 2020, the former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty in the Obamagate scandal, officially proving that the alleged "conspiracy theory is a fact.

Clinesmith was so insistent on spying on Carter Page - an unpaid advisor to the Trump campaign - that he lied to the secret FISA court. He falsified an official document to misrepresent that Page had not cooperated with the CIA in past Russian espionage investigations.

Page had fully cooperated with an earlier investigation involving Russians. That information indeed would have thrown a wrench into the attempts to tap Page's phones, his emails, text messages, and the phones, emails, and text messages of everyone he communicated with.

Just imagine - as soon as this FISA surveillance warrant was approved, the FBI, under the control of President Barack Obama, accessed the entire Trump campaign!

They spied on Trump, and it's taken four years for us to see any kind of criminal repercussions.

More than a dozen officials participated in Obamagate, including President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is at the top of a list of more than a dozen Obama officials who spied on Donald Trump's team.

Other senior officials include chief of staff Denis McDonough, CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James Comey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, and UN Ambassador Samantha Power.

Biden and others asked to have Flynn's name "unmasked" in transcripts of US intelligence intercepts of foreign officials.

Usually, the names of US persons or entities incidentally collected by such intercepts are minimized to protect the privacy rights of Americans. Of course, unmasking identities is not in itself illegal, nor even necessarily improper - occasionally, US policymakers will ask to unmask a US person to better understand the nature of the intelligence before them. However, this process is rare, while Obama officials gorged themselves like children at a candy store.

In an almost two-month period starting election day - Nov. 8, 2016 - senior US officials made 49 requests to unmask Flynn!

Flynn was not the only victim of unmasking. Ex-chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes had found evidence of wide-scale unmasking of Trump officials. Nunes also added that "none of this surveillance was related to Russia or the investigation of Russian activities."

His statement now clarifies focus — this was about Obama's massive surveillance of his political opponents. The list published is evidence that the heir to that legacy is Joe Biden.

This unmasking was a political game.

The names of Trump's team members were later unmasked and distributed among various intelligence agencies. This was not a standard practice.

Unmasking a private citizen is an extremely rare case. Typically, the American must be a suspect in a crime, in danger, or has to be named to explain the context of the report.

This is clearly a critical issue - no one on the Trump team was a suspected criminal! Additionally, the information obtained by the intelligence agencies was not related to Russia's influence in the election. Simply put - there was absolutely no viable reason to unmask the names of these private citizens.

As Fox stated: "Unmasking is not unprecedented, but unmasking for political purposes, specifically of Trump transition team members, is highly suspect and questionable."

Opposition by some in the intelligence agencies who were very connected to the Obama and Clinton teams was strong. After Trump was elected, they decided they were going to ruin his presidency by picking them off one by one."

The unmasking of the names of Trump's team members was not motivated by a concern for national security. Instead, it was a blatant attempt to sabotage Trump's presidency. The left has shown a willingness to go to any length to impede the Trump administration's efforts. They were even ready to break the law! The intelligence community did not only open up Trump's team members; they also leaked Michael Flynn's name to the press.

Trump revealed the official proof of Obamagate.

What's more, President Trump has declassified and authorized the release of "more than a foot-high stack of documents" related to the Obama administration's surveillance and espionage.

More than a foot-high stack of documents he has authorized to be released by the FBI and the DOJ. The FBI has tried to keep it from the public for 4 years. They have amazing, meticulous revelations.

But that's not the end. Government watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the State Department. The group believes major conservative journalists, public figures, and those with ties to President Donald Trump were being monitored by the State Department in Ukraine under the direction of ousted US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, appointed to her post by President Barack Obama!

Yovanovitch may have violated laws and government regulations by ordering subordinates to target certain US persons using State Department resources. Yovanovitch reportedly ordered monitoring keyed to the following search terms: Biden, Giuliani, Soros, and Yovanovitch.

Not only did Obama's CIA and FBI illegally surveil the Trump campaign and the White House. Recently, we found out his Ukrainian ambassador had leading conservative names spied on as well! The victims of Obama's latest conspiracy are considering a group legal action against Obama and his accomplices.

Why do Americans need to understand Obamagate?

With the full knowledge and support of both Obama and Biden, the Obama administration targeted incoming Trump officials in a failed attempt to cripple the new administration with allegations it had colluded with Russia.

The complexity of their scheme, and the efforts to hide it and mislead the American people, are frustrating. The characters are high-ranking Obama administration officials and relative unknowns loosely associated with Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Details are coming out slowly, in bits and pieces, over the years. Following all the leaks and declassified transcripts and congressional hearings requires constant vigilance. You can quickly lose the thread if you don't keep up with it.

That all works to the advantage of those who created this hoax. It's easy to get overwhelmed and tune it all out or simply accept the corporate media's dishonest reporting.

But the ongoing revelations about the FBI's targeting Flynn and the Trump team can't be ignored. There was a threat to the rule of law. It was the Obama administration's abuse of power and its weaponization of intelligence agencies in an attempt to take down Trump.

No matter how hard it is, continue to follow everything that’s being revealed. It's the biggest political scandal of our time, and it should be thoroughly exposed.